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Little Box of Awesome

Looking for a way to remind someone just how special they are? The Little Box of Awesome subscription gift box is designed to delight, inspire, and nourish with a monthly delivery of gourmet snacks and quality gifts that are useful, encouraging, and just plain fun!

Just select how many months - 1, 3, 6, or 9 - and we'll ship out a curated selection of 8 to 10 items in our beautiful subscription shipping box, for only $39.97 a month, with Free Shipping. Imagine their excitement and anticipation as they await a new set of surprises each month!

Each Little Box of Awesome will ship out for delivery in the first week of the month and will include seasonal snacks and gifts that are sure to light up their day. We are happy to tweak the delivery schedule to meet your recipient's needs! Choose your options below and email us at if you need to make changes.

And did we forget to mention? The Shipping is free! ;)

Next gift box: October

Supply is limited, so order early!


Subscription Box

Only $39.97/month including shipping!

Next gift box: October

Photos are representative of the types of items to be included in each box. Selection varies from box to box and will include 8-10 different snacks and gifts each month.