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College Survival Kit Gift Basket

The College Survival Kit is a great choice for high school graduates and college freshmen. Send this gift of useful tools and stress relievers as a send-off gift, for the first week of school, or as a high school graduation gift.
Includes choice of heat changing mug! Just add hot liquid and watch Diana Prince become Wonder Woman or Clark Kent change into Superman. Complete contents listed below.
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College Surv Kit - Her - Gift
This Calls for Wonder Woman

Kit Contents:

Includes the following:
  • Super Hero Heat-Changing Mug Choice! Choose from Superman or Wonder Woman (just add your favorite hot beverage and watch Clark Kent Transform into Superman or Diana Prince into Wonder Woman!)
  • Dry Erase Board (an absolute necessity, great for reminders or notes to the roommates)
  • Emergency Tech Kit (handy 4 piece set for collegiate emergencies with screen cleaner spray, microfiber cloth, cable wrap, and 3-ft lightning/micro-USB charging cable)
  • Spinning Pen & Light (Relax with this spinning multi-functional pen and stylus with LED light)
  • Breathmints of Champions (Take a break. Have a mint. Then try.)
  • ’7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ Mini Book (The priceless wisdom and insight found in the bestselling original is distilled in this palm-size edition. Full of advice on teamwork, self-renewal, mutual benefit, proactivity, and other paths to success.)
  • Head Massager (reduce tension by stimulating sensitive nerves in the scalp. It feels fantastic!)
  • Stress Buster Mini Kit (complete with a blow-up bat and a booklet of stress-busting tips)
  • Survival Tool (This mini-tool with pouch has 11 functions in 1, including can opener, screwdriver, and more.)
  • Today’s Plan of Attack Great Big Sticky Notes Pad (because sometimes there’s more to say…and do)
  • Smiley Squeeze Ball (the perfect stress reliever! If his smiley face doesn’t chase away the stress, then flattening him like a pancake is sure to do the job.)
  • ’Be Bold. The World is Waiting.’ Card (The right words at the right time have the power to change things. Inspire them!)
The College Survival Kit contents will be packed in a beautiful gift basket, shrink-wrapped, and tied with a bow. We reserve the right to make substitutions for items of equal or greater value based on wholesale product availability.