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St. Paddy's Pack

St. Paddy's Pack is the great way to celebrate that famous all-green holiday on March 17th. Packed with a nicely balanced combination of salty and sweet snacks, this specialty college care package will turn all the other leprechauns green with envy!
Availability: Available Ship Dates February 15 - March 17



Kit Contents:

  • Hip Kits Bookmark Gift Tag (a keepsake bookmark with your personal message of love and support!)
  • Shamrock Lollipops (2 great study stress busters)
  • Shamrock Button (just in case their green tee shirt is in the laundry basket - we wouldn't want them to get pinched)
  • Shamrock Beads (make the day fun and festive)
  • Thai Kitchens Lemongrass & Chile Rice Noodle Soup (great tasting, healthy meal)
  • Jalapeno Kettle Chips (add a bit of spice to their holiday with these all natural, great flavored chips)
  • Cereal (single serve size of Apple Jacks cereal)
  • Pop Chips - Sour Cream & Onion Flavored (the healthy way to eat a chip - think popped, not fried)
  • St. Patrick's Day Can Koozie (keep things cool with this fun-themed can cooler)
  • Airheads Candies (talk about a taste explosion)
  • Sour Punch Straws (sweet and sour at the same time, this favorite candy packs quite a punch)
  • Granola Bar (Nature Valley Oats & Honey flavored Granola Bar)
  • Sour Skittles (the official taste rainbow makes an appearance for St. Patrick's Day)
  • Fuji Apple Fruit Crisps (healthy and delicious fruit snack from Brothers All Natural)
  • Nutri Grain Bar (a little bit of healthy fuel for leprechauns on the go)
  • Microwave Popcorn (the perfect snack--warm, crunchy and satisfying)
  • Oatmeal (Quaker Oatmeal - instantly satisfying breakfast)
  • Breath Savers Mints (the ever popular breath freshener)
  • St. Paddy's Party Horn (get the party started with a blast from St. Paddy's Horn)
  • Fruit Juice Box (healthy and refreshing drink, by Minute Maid)
  • Highlighter (green, of course)
  • Dream Card (little pop open card with an inspiring message)
  • Leprechaun Porcupine Pal (a buddy to celebrate the day with)